Orders will be delivered to the Rabbi's house on Thursday, April 14th (app. 11 AM).

Deadline to order is April 6th 1:00 PM. 

Step 1: Fill up your online Cart.
Step 2: Click 'Checkout'.
Step 3: Enter your email address/personal information (including personal shipping address, even though its going to Rabbi's House) & click 'Next'
Step 4: By 'Shipping Method' select 'Shul by the Shore'
Step 5: Enter Payment Information and complete your order.

(***Shul by the Shore's Group Delivery is a 'Shipping' option on the Lieder's website.  Do Not Select 'Delivery' or 'Pickup' if you want to join our group delivery.***)

Please let me know if you have made an order! Thank you!
[email protected]

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