• Annual Gala FundraiserJoin us for an elegant afternoon brunch to support the Shul!
    Sunday, June 23, 12 PM
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  • Ten Commandments Reading & DinnerCome Celebrate Shavuot with the Shul by the Shore!
    Wednesday, June 12, 5:30 PM
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  • JLI: Decisions of FateYour Jewish Compass for Navigating Questions of Medical Ethics Sign Up Today!
  • Chai Society - Monthly GiversJoin our most passionate members by committing to monthly donations. Click Here to Join!
  • Shabbat ServicesJoin Rabbi Perelmuter for your weekly dose of sweet melodies, inspirational message, and yummy Kiddush! Click Here for Schedule!
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The Shul by the Shore is a Chabad Jewish community open to anyone regardless of religious background, affiliation or lack thereof. Contact [email protected] for information on services location or call 562-621-9828.
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  • Easy Cherry-Cheese Tarts for Shavuot Read More
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Long Beach, CA
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Jun. 11 - Jun. 13
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All this universe was made only for your journey. And all this universe was made only for the other guy’s journey. And for mine as well. In our mind it is impossible. We are finite. When we put our minds to one idea, there is no room for any other. If one point is at the center, there is no center left for any other. But G‑d is infinite. He can have as many heroes to His story...